What is the security code?

Your security code serves you for signing up to your Sodexo Personal Account at www.sodexo-ucet.cz. Also, it serves for your identification when communicating with Sodexo.

What is the Sodexo Personal Account?

An account related to your Gastro Pass CARD or Flexi Pass CARD is automatically set up by Sodexo. In the account, you will find all information and tools you need to manage your card (overview of transactions, your account balance, card PIN reset, etc.).

Why register?

The account contains not only an overview of your cards, transactions, information about credits expiry, the possibility to block a card or request a new one, to reset your PIN, but it also enables you to download the app into your smartphone and have all the needed information always at hand.

Is registration necessary?

Completing your account registration is not necessary to activate and use your card but we do recommend it – see “Why register?”.

How can I log in to my Sodexo Personal Account?

You must sign up to your Sodexo Personal Account using a web browser; only then can you start using the mobile application. The sign-up proceeds as follows:You will need the letter which we send with the card and in which your card number and your security code are written. Click “First time here” at www.sodexo-ucet.cz. Select the 'I am a user' option and follow the instructions.

I forgot the username to my Sodexo Personal Account. What should I do?

Your username is usually your e-mail. Click “I forgot my password” at www.sodexo-ucet.cz.

How should I proceed if I lose my security code?

If you lose your security code prior to your signing up to your Sodexo Personal Account, contact the HR person who ordered the card for you. S/he will be able to look up the information in the Mojesodexo.cz order portal. If you already use your Sodexo Personal Account, you will be able to find the security code there.

How is the card activated before its first use?

If your card has been delivered to your home address, you need to confirm the receipt of the card in your Sodexo Personal Account before its first use. Failure to do that means you will not be able to use the card for payments. The card is activated automatically by the first payment which must be a contact one (i.e. you need to insert the card into a payment terminal). Within the transaction, you will be asked to set your own four-digit PIN.

Where can I pay with the card?

The list of partner places accepting the card can be found in the “Store Locator” section. You will be redirected to our search engine for partner places, the search filter will be preset automatically.

What shall I do if the payment at a terminal is declined?

The connection to the internet may fail when first trying to use the card for payment. If that is the case, please ask the attendant to try a second time. Should the second attempt be unsuccessful as well, please contact the Sodexo Customer Care Line at 233 113 435 or by e-mail at info.cz@sodexo.com.

What shall I do in case contactless payments do not work?

Please try and resort to contact payment: insert the card into the payment terminal and enter your PIN.

What are the Gastro Pass CARD or Flexi Pass CARD payment limits?

The card´s daily transaction totals for meal and food payments have been limited to CZK 20 000 daily (in reality there is no daily limit - only for security reasons daily transactions over CZK 20, 000 are not allowed)

an I pay for a part of the purchase with cash or by a standard payment card?

Yes, that is possible. Talk to the attendant about making the payment in part using our card and in part using your card or cash.

Is it possible to withdraw cash from an ATM or using cashback service at a partner place?

No, withdrawing cash from an ATM or using cashback service is not possible. The cards are meant only for direct payments for items and services at contractual partner places.

How is a payment by card number made?

After activating your card by the first contact payment, you can, from then on, use the card number for payments. In the Store Locator at www.sodexo-ucet.cz, the selected partner places accepting that method of payment are labelled with “SMS Payment Verification”. First, in the Profile Settings, the Account Protection section of your Personal Account, you need to enter your mobile phone number for the security SMS.

How is an eVoucher payment (shared activities) made?

The eVoucher is an SMS code issued for a particular amount at a particular partner place. You can create it in your Personal Account or clicking the link at www.mujpass.cz. The payment is made by your providing the unique eVoucher number at a partner place, which then verifies its validity in the Sodexo systems.

The unused part of the eVoucher value is returned to the user’s account.

ATTENTION! The eVoucher may not be issued using the Cafeteria points. It is only issued using the Flexi Pass CARD funds, not Cafeteria, in the Personal Account.

Can I use the card for on-line payments in e-shops?

Yes, but only at partner places accepting such payments. An up-to-date list of payment gateways can be found in the “Store Locator” section of your Personal Account. The “Payment gateways” filter needs to be set.

What is a payment via payment gateway?

Selected e-shops enable using the Gastro Pass CARD and the Flexi Pass CARD (or the Multi Pass CARD) for direct payments. When ordering, you only need to select “Sodexo Benefits” as the payment method and then enter your Personal Account username.

The payment is confirmed in your Personal Account and the item or service is paid for immediately.An up-to - date list of payment gateways can be found in the “Store Locator” section of your Personal Account.The “Payment gateways” filter needs to be set.

When do I need to use up my electronic meal vouchers so as not to let them expire? And where do I find when they expire?

The electronic meal vouchers are valid for up to 16 months (the new electronic meal vouchers are always valid from 1 September until 31 December of the following year)

- the funds topped up between 01 / 01 and 31 / 08 are always valid until the end of that year

- the funds topped up between 01/09 and 31/12 are valid until the end of the following year

The leisure - time credit is valid for up to 24 months.It can always be used by the end of the calendar year at the latest.

When the card is used for payments, the oldest funds are debited first. The information about the expiry of your electronic meal vouchers can be found in your account details.

When do I need to use up my leisure-time funds so as not to let them expire? And where do I find when they expire?

The leisure-time funds’ validity is stipulated by the agreement between your HR department and Sodexo. When the card is used for payments, the oldest funds are debited first. The information about the expiry of your leisure-time credit can be found in your account details.

What if I forget my card PIN?

If you happen to forget your PIN, you can reset it in your Sodexo Personal Account and set the new PIN while making the next payment (which needs to be a contact one) at a payment terminal. Proceed the same way if you wish to change your PIN.You select your four-digit PIN when making your first contact payment; the PIN is set separately for each card. Whether you choose the same PIN or different ones for each card is up to you.

What if the card gets lost or stolen?

If the card gets lost or stolen, it may be easily blocked in the Sodexo Personal Account at www.sodexo-ucet.cz or via the Sodexo Personal Account app so that the funds on the card account are protected. You can also block the card by calling the Sodexo Customer Care Line at 233 113 435.A request for a new card can then be submitted.

How is the card protected from potential misuse?

Just like a regular bank card. All transactions are verified on-line. A PIN is always requested for a contact payment. Contactless payments of up to CZK 500 can be made without using the PIN. If the card gets lost or stolen, you can block it immediately to prevent its misuse.

How is a card payment made?

The card payment itself works just like it does with regular payment cards. If you possess separate Gastro Pass and Flexi Pass CARDs, you can use them to make both contact payments (the card needs to be inserted into the terminal) and contactless payments, just the way you use your bank card. If you have both of your cards on your Multi Pass CARD: as far as payments for meals and food (restaurants, etc.) are concerned, you can use the contact method as well as the contactless one. Leisure-time (pharmacy, fitness, etc.) payments can be made solely by way of the contact method, i.e. by inserting the card into the terminal.

K čemu slouží stránka www.sodexo-ucet.cz?

Tato stránka funguje jako vstupní brána do partnerského a zaměstnaneckého portálu Sodexo.

Jaký je rozdíl mezi partnerským portálem Sodexo a E-sodexo?

Jedná se o stejný partnerský portál. Co se změnilo je vstupní, přihlašovací stránka do něj. Od 7. 8. 2019 se přihlašujete do partnerského portálu přes stránku www.sodexo-ucet.cz a proto již komunikujeme pouze jako partnerský portál.

Jak se do partnerského portálu přihlásím?

Přes stránku www.sodexo-ucet.cz zadáním svých přihlašovacích údajů – uživatelského jména a hesla.

Zapomněl jsem své uživatelské jméno, co dělat?

Uživatelské jméno hlavního účtu může být vaše e-mailová adresa nebo vstupní kód ve tvaru 'A123456789.cz' nebo 'jméno@A123456789.cz'. Uživatelské jméno účtu provozovny má navíc prefix čísla provozovny + zavináč, například '001@A123456789.cz'.

Nepřišel mi odkaz na potvrzení registrace. Mohu si někde odkaz zaslat znovu a registraci do portálu tak dokončit?

Kliknutím na odkaz zde a zadáním vašeho uživatelského jména, se vám znovu odešle odkaz k dokončení registrace. Následně se do portálu přihlásíte.

Zapomněl jsem heslo, co dělat? PRELOZIT DO AJ

Zadejte vaše uživatelské jméno přes formulář zde a vyčkejte na e-mail s odkazem pro změnu hesla. Pokud nemáte ve svém profilu nastavenou e-mailovou adresu, odkaz na změnu hesla bude zaslán na e-mail nastavený u hlavního účtu.